Greenhouse ATS Integration

The SieveTM – Greenhouse Integration allow users to:

  • Integrate The Sieve™ into your Greenhouse ATS with a few simple steps.
  • Empower your talent acquisition teams by helping them gain valuable candidate insights to make quality hiring decisions to promote positive impact on your organisations long-term hiring goals.
  • Enhance the Greenhouse “Application Review” stage by quickly auto populating and build talent intelligence models based on job descriptions pulled directly from Greenhouse ATS.
  • Significantly improve the speed and quality of candidate evaluations within ResumeSieve by using algorithmic models to assess candidate qualifications.
  • Export all resumes, to rank and score against a set criteria to find your best fit candidate in seconds.
  • Hire Fast, Hire Right
    Score, rank prospective/passive candidates in order of relevance
  • Candidate Insights
    Comprehensive view of candidate statuses
  • Quickly backfill attrition and high quality resources on time
    Unbiasedly rank candidates against objective criteria

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