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Why ?

Your time is too valuable not to Sieve. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) technology facilitates the sourcing of candidates, but it does not effectively address the most labor-intensive part of the hiring process: These efforts consume up to 75% of a recruiter’s time per job requisition.

That’s Where The Sieve Comes In…

significantly improves speed and quality of candidate evaluations by using algorithmic intelligence models to assess candidate resumes. The platform:

Saves hours of time traditionally spent in manual resume sorting and evaluation so you can Hire the Best. Faster.

ranks candidates against objective criteria; allows for adding of new candidates for evaluating against same criteria.

Allows recruiters to process candidates faster, manage more requisitions, and identify higher-quality hires.

Sieve your way to successful recruiting!

Increase in recruiter productivity



Improved Speed to Hire



Reduction In Hiring Cost



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