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Application Functionality

A quick overview of input & output functionality offered

The Sieve’s Functionality can broadly be categorized as:

  • Input Functionality
  • Output Functionality

Input Functionality


  • Accepts electronic resumes in text and word format.
  • Allows a recruiter/user to enter/paste the job description based on which the resumes are to be evaluated.
  • Allows a recruiter/user to categorize the skills required for a job into core, primary and secondary skills.
  • Allows a recruiter/user to specify in months the amount of experience required for the core and the primary skills.
  • Allows a recruiter/user to specify which of the core and the primary skills should be highlighted in the resume that is displayed in the output of The Sieve. Each of the specified skill is highlighted in a different color to facilitate a quick and easy review of the resume.
  • Allows a recruiter/user to specify the skill that should be used to sort/rank the resumes being evaluated. The resumes are first sorted on the basis of experience of each candidate in the specified skill.

Output Functionality


  • Displays in tabular format the results for each resume, the results appearing in sorted order. Each results table shows a candidate’s name, contact information, duration of projects shown in the resume and for each skill the projects in which that particular skill has been mentioned, total experience in that particular skill and the year in which that skill was last used.
  • Allows viewing of any candidates resume by clicking at the File Name link in the results output table. The skills selected for highlighting are highlighted in the resume in different colors.
  • Displays the results in a bar chart. For each candidate the bar chart shows the experience in months for each of the skills that were selected to be highlighted. The bar charts for each candidate are displayed in a sorted order.
  • Allows a recruiter/user to shortlist resumes after reviewing the output results tables and the bar charts. A separate results table and a separate bar chart are generated for the short listed candidates.