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Value Proposition

The background, the need and the solution

What Recruiters Look For

what-recruiters-look-forWhen reviewing the resumes to determine the qualifications of a candidate versus the job requirements, and when selecting the best-matching candidates, a recruiter usually looks for the following with regards to each required skill:

  • in the various job assignments or project that a candidate has mentioned in the resume, in how many assignments the use of that specific skill has been mentioned and what is the duration of such projects
  • the total duration of projects identified above (this is indicative of the candidates’ total experience in that skill)
  • the most recent project in which that specific skill has been shown to be used or how recent the candidate’s experience is, in that specific skill
  • the names and contact information given in the resumes, especially for the best matching resumes

A recruiter will also need to document the results of his review for each resume in a format that will facilitate his task of comparing the different resumes and selecting the best matching resumes.

Traditional Techniques

traditional-techniquesTraditionally, he/she extracts the information required by the recruiter from a resume, by physically reading and reviewing the resume and then manually documenting the results of the review for the comparison of resumes.

In some cases, like in the case of resumes available on major and renowned job sites like Monster, Dice, Net Temps, etc., some of this information is available in the resumes. However:

  • This information has to be specifically entered by each candidate at the time of submission of his resume to these sites, in addition to submission of the resume.
  • The recruiter is still required to validate this information with the experience shown in each project/job assignment, as these job sites are not validating this information.

These traditional techniques are an enormous strain on the resources of recruiters – especially time. Not to forget the impact on the identification and short-listing of the most fitting candidates.

The Solution – The Sieve!

The Sieve is a SaaS module designed especially for the recruiting and hiring community. It automatically processes multiple resumes and generates a skills profile for each resume and ranks and presents these profiles in a sorted order, both in text as well as graphical form.

The Sieve’s unique and innovative Resume Evaluator Service enables organizations to drastically cut talent acquisition cost and time by enabling quick turn-around in the candidate selection process. It provides graphical and other tools that allow recruiters to make accurate decisions and provide better quality candidates, using techniques that lead to precision screening of candidates.

This leads to very large savings in time a recruiter has to spend in reviewing multiple resumes, arranging, and documenting the review results in a format that facilitates the selection of best- fit resumes. Resume Evaluator tremendously increases a recruiter’s productivity . For example, if a recruiter has to review 20 resumes (say) for a job, it usually takes an average of 5 minutes per resume to manually extract the required information, document it in suitable format and to select the best fit resumes. It will thus take him 100 minutes to complete this task and the results may have some errors that usually creep in with human fatigue. For the same task, this application will take 1 to 2 minutes with no human errors. This reduces the resume screening time by 98%.


In a nutshell, The Sieve:

  • automates extraction and formatting of information on an individual’s characteristics, qualifications, education, or experience from text resumes
  • offers very large savings in time a recruiter has to spend in reviewing multiple resumes, arranging, and documenting the review results
  • tremendously increases a recruiter’s productivity
  • facilitates and accelerates the process of comparative review of resumes/candidates
  • provides precision screening of individuals