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Specify Skills

Requirement Description Box

It has a text box where the user can enter the job description of the job for which the resumes of candidates are to be evaluated. The entry may be done through the keyboards or system facilities like copy/cut/paste. The entry in this text box serves as a ready reference for filling in the other entries in the Input Screen.

Skills Text Boxes

The Input Screen provides one box for entry of core skill, six boxes for entry of primary skills, and six boxes for entry of secondary skills. The categorization of the skills required for the job into core skill, primary skills and secondary skills is done by the user and enables the user to set the relative importance of different skills.

It quite often is the case that job requirements may ask for a wish list of skills that may be difficult to find in any one candidate. This categorization helps a user to find the best fit for the job. Associated with the core skill text box and with each primary skill text box is a text box under the caption “Months”, where the user has to fill in the experience required in months for a particular skill.

The user must enter at least one skill for Skills Evaluation process to proceed further. This may be a core skill, a primary skill, or a secondary skill. The skills entry boxes can be filled in any order. The skill text boxes allow entry of skills in both upper and lower case letters.

Highlight Check Boxes

The Sieve provides means for reviewing the resume of a candidate being evaluated in the Resume Pane. It provides a very useful facility of highlighting up to three of the core/primary skills in three different colors.

Highlighting different keywords in different colors makes the review of the resume much faster and much easier. The Input Screen provides a check box against the core skill and each primary skill. The user can check up to three of these boxes to indicate which skills he wants to be highlighted. In case a user checks more than three boxes, a preferred embodiment of the The Sieve will highlight the skills against the first three checked boxes only. The Input Screen does not allow the user to check a box against an empty skill input box.

Sort Radio Buttons

The Sieve provides the functionality of sorting the skills profiles generated by it automatically from the text resumes. This sorting provides a very useful means to easily select candidates with the best fit. The sorting is done on two levels. The first sort is done on the duration of the candidate’s experience in any of the core/primary skills. The second sort is done on the year in which the candidates last used that specific skill.

The Input Screen provides Radio Buttons for the user to indicate the skill on which he wants the skills profiles to be sorted. The Input Screen does not allow the user to select a Radio Button against an empty skill input box.

Months Text Boxes

Months Text Boxes allow the user to enter in months the minimum experience required for each of the core/primary skill entered. The Input Screen does not allow the user to make an entry in a months text box against an empty skill input box.

Next Button

When the user has completed providing all the inputs to the Skills Input User Interface he clicks the ‘Next’ button in said interface. Clicking on the next button brings up the File Upload screens.

Reset Button

If the user wants to reset the entries in the form, he can click on the Reset button.