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Compare Results – 1

The evaluation results generated by The Sieve are displayed in a separate screen. A sample of this screen is shown below. This is divided into three sections i.e. Output Pane, Resume Pane, and Requirements Pane. There is also an option to add select resumes for a final shortlisting of candidates.

Requirement Pane

The Requirements Pane displays the job description / skills criteria that was entered in the Input Screen. In addition, if a user selects any file from the skills profile for shortlist, the name of that file is appended to the text in this section so that user can review the files he added to the shortlist. The procedure for shortlist of profiles is explained in ‘Shortlist Resumes’.

Output Pane

The Output Pane displays the skills profile automatically generated by the The Sieve from the text resumes. Skills Profile for each resume file comprises a table. A sample skills profile is shown here. The number of rows in the table is equal to the number of skills for which the resumes are being evaluated plus 3. The number of columns in the table is equal to the number of projects/assignments shown in the resume plus 3.

There is a row for each skill specified by the user in the input screen. The first row in the table shows the file name of the resume file as a hyperlink and the name of the candidate after the cell titled ‘Personal Info’. The second row displays candidate’s e-mail address and his phone number/s, if mentioned in the resume. The third row is for column titles for the skill rows that follow. After these 3 rows, there is a row for each skill in the evaluation.

The skills Profile table has a column for each project shown in the resume. In the third row, the first column has the title ‘Skills’. Project columns follow the Skills column. Column for the first project is titled ‘Project-1’ followed by a numerical figure in braces, column for second project is titled ‘Project-2’ followed by a numerical figure in braces; and so on. The numerical figure in braces shows the duration of that project in months. The figures shown under this column show the number of time the skill shown in the associated row has been mentioned in the resume under that particular project.

The last but one column has the title ‘Total Duration’. This column shows the total duration of the projects wherein the skill shown in the associated row has been mentioned in the projects. The last column is titled ‘Year Last Used’. Figure in this column shows the year in which the skill mentioned in the associated row was last used.

Resume Pane

The Resume Pane on the left, displays the text resume associated with any of the skills profile shown in the Output Pane. To display a resume for any of the profiles, click the mouse on the ‘File Name’ hyperlink in that profile. The text resume associated with that particular file is then shown in the Resume Pane. The skills selected for highlighting in the Input Screen, are highlighted in the resume in different colors.