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this brilliant resume evaluator service

Don’t SEARCH it, “SIEVE” it!

The Sieve is designed especially for the recruiting and hiring community.

It automatically processes multiple resumes, generates a skill/s profile for each resume and ranks & presents these profiles in a sorted order, both in text as well as graphical form.

Wide variety of uses in human resource assessment and profiling

Lower Resume Screening Time by more than 98%

The Sieve automates the extraction and formatting of information on an individual’s characteristics, qualifications, education, or experience from text resumes. This leads to very large savings in time a recruiter has to spend in reviewing multiple resumes, arranging, and documenting the review results in a format that facilitates the selection of best- fit resumes.

Lower Recruiting Costs by more than 60%

The Sieve tremendously increases a recruiter’s productivity. For example, if a recruiter has to review 50 resumes (say) for a job, it usually takes an average of 10 minutes per resume to manually extract the require information, document it in suitable format and to select the best fit resumes. It will thus take him 500 minutes (about 8.5 hours) to complete this task and the results may have some errors that usually creep in with human fatigue. For the same task, this application will take 2 to 3 minutes with no human errors. Assuming a cost of $ 25/hour for a recruiter, it will mean a saving of $200 for each in a day!

Select Better Quality Candidates with Improved Decision-making

The Sieve facilitates and accelerates the process of comparative review of resumes/candidates. Adopting a two-tiered ranking approach does this. Firstly, the formatted data is shown in a tabular format, with data on core skill, primary skills and secondary skills being shown in different background colors in a sorted order. Secondly, the same data for selected skills is shown in sorted order in the form of bar charts, which give an excellent visual appreciation of each candidate’s combination of skill levels. The recruiter can easily select the best matches from these two components of The Sieve.

The Sieve provides precision screening of individuals as the skills profile generated by The Sieve are ranked in a quantitative fashion according to their qualifications in relation to the job. The resulting benefit is that the screening process is highly objective with a high level of accuracy.