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    Improved Decisions

    for talent selection

    by using The Sieve

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    Candidate Quality

    for your clients

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    Recruiting Cost

    due to quick turnaround time

The Intelligent Resume Evaluator!

  •  The Sieve™ is a cloud service that focuses on helping recruiters improve the talent acquisition through better turn around time and candidate quality.
  •  It automatically processes multiple resumes and generates a skills profile for each resume and ranks and presents these profiles in a sorted order, both in text as well as graphical form.
  •  Allow recruiters to make accurate decisions and provide better quality candidates, using techniques that lead to precision screening of candidates.
  •  Drastically cut talent acquisition cost and time by enabling quick turn-around in the candidate selection process.

→   Resume screening time reduced by 98%
→   Recruiter overall productivity improved by 35%
→   Cost saving of $70 a day per recruiter @ $25/hour wage rate